Container Sales and Purchase


Container Sales and Purchase

For its container trade section, Ascent sells both new and used containers. This division's primary market is the Middle East, particularly Dubai. Dry containers are available from Ascent. Additionally, we specialized in the sale of containers for specific equipment including open-top, flat-rack, and refrigerated marine containers. To ensure that customers may purchase containers with the most flexibility and speed, Ascent has a vast network of depot sites around the middle east. In order to provide the greatest possible container availability in your selected areas, Ascent collaborates with a wide range of international container suppliers. Ascent guarantees that the containers we provide are appropriate for domestic storage needs as well as for interstate or foreign shipping. To guarantee secure transfer by train, ship, or truck, equipment will be delivered with a current CSC plate certification. Ascent has been a dedicated shipping container reseller for longer than any other company. We can offer the finest supply solution for our customers' shipping container needs thanks to our expertise and local market knowledge.

Our Container Sales can swiftly and easily supply new or used certified cargo-worthy containers in practically any desired area. We also have supplies of used shipping containers in "As-Is" condition for the "do-it-yourself" buyer looking for more affordable pricing. We provide support to a range of industries, from project shippers to self-storage companies and cool store operators, that profit from owning our ex-fleet and custom-built containers. We are the "one-stop shop" you can rely on if you want to buy or sell high-quality cargo containers.


As you can see, employing Ascent Freight services to Container Sales and Purchase needs has a lot of benefits. You may now move forward and begin looking for a reputable business to provide these services for your personal or commercial moves.

Ascent Freight is adept at handling such services. Because we have the greatest crew on the market to complete this laborious operation, our shipping company with headquarters in Dubai can be trusted with your orders.